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How to calculate how much your medical insurance costs

When calculating your medical insurance policy online, information will be requested from you relating to all the insured parties.

  • We will need to know your place of birth and age, as well as that of the remaining insured parties.
  • We inform you of the insurance policies that people with your profile have chosen: medical insurance policies with copayments, without copayments or with a refund policy. Furthermore, you can add additional dental coverage if you so wish.
  • Our entire team will be there to deal with all your doubts if you so require.


Why choose Adeslas?


With the guarantee of the leading health insurance company

1 in 3 people with private health insurance policies are insured with Adeslas

Tele-appointments, video appointments and a medical chat service for all your queries wherever you are.

Largest healthcare provider list at your disposal. Over 45,000 professionals and 1,300 medical centres.

Adeslas Salud y Bienestar: Your digital health centre on your mobile telephone.

We provide you with over 259 public service points.


Digital health services



Regardless of the private health insurance policy that you choose, we want to provide you with all personalised healthcare services, both in your Customer Area and in your Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App.


All your procedures in a single click, requesting your medical authorisations online whenever you need them, refunds of your expenses from your mobile telephone and, furthermore, you will always have your digital card with you, together with all your policy information, in a single place.


At Adeslas, we always take care of you, improving your health with personalised plans and access to medical advice. Use our App to define your profile and create programmes to take care of your health. We want to help you to feel good.

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Our health insurance policies

Health insurance with copayments

If you choose your health insurance policy with copayments, your monthly quota will be less and when you attend the doctor you will pay a small amount. If you do not go to the doctor often, this type of policy is suitable for you. At Adeslas, we have different types of medical insurance with copayments.

Health insurance without copayments

If you want to know what you are going to pay each month, regardless of the number of times that you go to the doctor, the best option is to take out a health insurance policy without copayments. Choose a medical insurance policy without copayments if you go to the doctor often or you want to have the peace of mind of paying the same premium each month.

Frequently asked questions

We answer your most frequent doubts and questions when taking out your Adeslas health insurance policy.

What does this online calculator offer?

Our online calculator offers you the possibility of obtaining a personalised quote for your Adeslas health insurance policy. To obtain it, you must provide the information indicated, and the calculator will show you an estimated quote for your Adeslas medical insurance. The quote will include the monthly or annual cost of the insurance policy, as well as the information on the coverage and services included.

What data do I need to calculate my health insurance policy?

To calculate the price of your health insurance you need:

  • Your name and first surname
  • Date of birth
  • The province in which you reside
  • Your telephone number

To be able to send you the quote you need:

  • A contact email
  • Your national ID number if you wish to retrieve the quote.

How long does it take to fill out the details?

In scarcely one minute you will receive your health insurance quote.

What does the price of my health insurance policy depend on?

The price of a health insurance policy may vary depending on your age, the number of insured parties, your current state of health and, on certain occasions, the province in which you live. Based on all these variables, the premium will be estimated.

Does calculating the price of my medical insurance policy commit me to anything?

No, making use of our calculator to ascertain the price of your health insurance policy does not commit you to anything and you can calculate it as many times as you require.

Can I keep the offer and consult it again later?

Yes, you can keep it. Hence, you will need to enter your National ID number and indicate once again when you want to retrieve your quote.

What is the attachment date?

The attachment date of the policy is the date from which the policy you have taken out is in force. From that date, you can begin to use your health insurance policy.

What types of medical insurance policies exist?

There are different types of medical insurance which can be classified in different ways.

  • By coverage: hospital or outpatient care.
  • According to the copayment premium amount: insurance policies with copayments, without copayments and with reduced copayments.
  • Aside from the classification into direct payment or refund insurance policies.

What is the best health insurance policy for me?

The best health insurance policy is that which best adapts to your needs and the use that you make of it. You must assess whether you simply require access to specialists or if, on the other hand, you need to have hospital coverage. Based on the recurring use you make of it, you must assess whether it best adapts to a low premium with a high copayment or to a somewhat higher premium without copayment.

Why may I be interested in taking out the complementary dental insurance policy online?

On arranging the Adeslas Dental online insurance policy as a complement to your Adeslas health insurance policy, you can benefit from a reduction of the price with respect to your premium.

Can I modify the data once I have finished calculating the price?

Yes, you can modify your details by going backwards in the different steps of the calculation process. You can also commence a new quote from zero if you prefer.