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Your electrical appliances always in top condition.

For only €120/year

We will refund up to €100 for each new insurance*

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Full comprehensive protection against breakdowns of household appliances that have expired the manufacturer's warranty period..

If it is not possible to repair, we will compensate you for the replacement value of the electrical appliance.

Quality repairs.

How much does appliance insurance cost?

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When your washing machine, hotplate or TV break down, we are aware of the convenience that this can cause and the repair cost involved.

Some home insurance policies cover the claims that may affect electrical appliances due to external causes, such as failures in electrical installations, fire, water damage and accidental breakage but, on occasions, it is not enough, and they are not covered if the damage is internal, i.e., if it originates from inside the appliance.

With SegurCaixa ELECTRODOMÉSTICOS you will receive full comprehensive protection in the event of break downs of household electrical appliances, that have already exceeded the manufacturer's warranty period. You will avoid expensive repairs or having to acquire a new device as a result of a breakdown.

Characteristics and coverage

  • Without the need to declare household electrical appliances.
  • Groups together the repair service: covers repairs of all electrical appliances.
  • Quality repairs.
  • Breakdown coverage without a limit of insured devices. Up to three breakdowns per year. If the cost of the repair exceeds €300 per breakdown, the customer will be compensated based on the age of the damaged item.
  • If it is not possible to repair, or it is economically inviable, we will compensate you for the replacement value of the broken electrical appliance.
  • Customer care number for claims: 900 50 50 40, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.​
  • Coverage period: From the end of the manufacturer's warranty until:
    • Electrical appliances: 10 years
    • Leisure items: 6 years

Electrical appliances included

  • Electrical appliances: washing machine, hair dryer, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, hotplates, electric oven, extraction fan, electric hot water boiler, television, TV remote controls and microwaves.
  • Leisure items: video consoles.

Qualifying periods

Qualifying period of 30 days.


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