MORE HEALTH (Adeslas Salud y Bienestar)

Since you are an Adeslas customer, you have Adeslas Salud y Bienestar, at your disposal, your digital health centre at which you can access the main health services from your mobile telephone, with the App:

Personalised Adeslas Salud y Bienestar services

  • Healthcare provider list: Search for the nearest doctors and hospitals by specialism, test or treatment and save your favourites.
  • Online appointment: Request your appointment online and consult pending and completed appointments.
  • Virtual appointments: Raise your medical queries by telephone or video call.
  • Emergency centres: Have your emergency telephone numbers in one click and find the nearest centres.
  • General 24h medical care: Contact a doctor by telephone, chat, email or video-appointment and resolve your general medicine doubts.
  • Paediatric medical advice: Resolve all your doubts on the health of your children.
  • Psycho-emotional advice: Learn to manage your emotions and to feel good thanks to the advice of our psychologists.
  • Health profile: Complete a test and discover your healthy life index.
  • Personalised health programmes: Discover the life style plans, family health and care and prevention plans with which you can improve your diet, practice routine sports with a personal trainer, prevent and control diseases and learn about your family health to take care of your loved ones.
  • Digital card: Carry the card of the insured party in your mobile telephone to identify yourself at the medical centre and request a card duplicate, if necessary.
  • Online authorisations: Request your authorisations digitally whenever you need them.
  • Online refunds: Request your refunds from your mobile telephone.
  • Information on your policy: Consult your policy, payments and receipts.
  • Access to health contents: paediatric podcast channel, health webinars, computer graphics, medical videotips, blogs and much more. 

If you still do not have the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App, download it now and begin to enjoy all your services through your mobile telephone.

Download the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App


MORE CARE (Medical advice service and second medical opinion service)

Medical advice service

With this service you can resolve your health doubts that arise at any time in relation to:

  • Illnesses: symptoms, treatments, medical complications.
  • Medication: indications, contraindications, administration methods, etc.
  • Reports on clinical analyses and other diagnostic tests.
  • Prevention tips

You can gain access to this service by telephone or internet:

  • Telephone medical advice service: 93 254 05 32. From Monday to Friday, from 8.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
  • Servicio de Online Medical Advice Service, in which a doctor will respond to your doubts in a period of less than 48 hours.

Second medical opinion service.

At Adeslas, we offer our insured parties a second medical opinion service to help them to check diagnoses with the best specialists in the world in the area of serious illnesses. All the conditions to receive the best attention and have the peace of mind you need when you have a serious health problem.

How to act:

  • The insured party must request the service on 900 50 50 40 or at an Adeslas office.
  • Provide your consent to the medical team to implement the service and it will commence the procedures to collect the necessary information regarding your case.
  • A clinical committee will select the best specialists in any part of the world.

For who is this service?

People diagnosed with a serious illness (oncological processes, neurological diseases, degenerative illnesses and other highly-complex processes), which want to have the security that their diagnosis and treatment are correct, verifying them with the assessment of their case contributed by other experts.


MORE PEACE OF MIND (Unemployment payment protection guarantee)

Unemployment payment protection guarantee

With Adeslas you can keep your medical insurance policy without the need to pay the monthly rate during six months, in the event of temporary disability or unemployment, or 12 months, in the event of death or absolute permanent disability, when the policy includes two or more insured parties (beneficiaries). This is our commitment to ensure that our insured parties do not miss out on access to assistance when they most need it.
This service is only available for individual healthcare policyholders with a rate and standard product of the insurer channel, in line with the conditions established in their contract, which may be consulted in their private area.
Consult the availability of this product warranty on 900 50 50 40 or 91 125 98 41.




Adeslas Club

We offer you an extensive network of establishments at which, just by presenting your insured party’s card, you can access significant advantages and discounts. Consult all the advantages in your private area



Hearing aids

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers its audiology service through an agreement reached with the leading company in the sector: Audika Centros Auditivos. 

What does it include?

  • Acquisition of hearing aids at competitive prices.
  • Free hearing tests.
  • Free ear training at the centres at which said service is available (10 15-minute sessions).
  • Check-ups, adjustments and cleaning of hearing aids every three months at your closest centre.
  • Free audiometric test every six months.
  • Home service for the disabled. Except check-ups, adjustments and the cleaning of hearing aids, which must be carried out at your centre. 

Advantages and price of the services:

Audika offers highly advantageous conditions at well-below-market prices to insured parties of Adeslas.


How to access the service

To access this service, all you need is an Adeslas healthcare assistance policy and to request an appointment. 

Once at the centre, you must accredit yourself as an insured party of Adeslas, presenting your card and your National ID card. The cost of this service is not included in your policy coverage. Adeslas shall not be responsible  for such service, rather the doctor or centre supplying said treatment shall be liable for the service provided.


Hair implants and other dermatological treatments

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers a service to implant head hair and hair in other anatomical   areas   through   an   agreement   reached   with   two   leading companies  in  the  MC360  sector  and Hospital Capilar 

What is a micrograft? 

It is a minimally invasive outpatient treatment that enables us to treat baldness. This technique has been created to provide a solution to the hair problems of thousands of people, improving capillary health with personalised treatments.

What does it include? 

  • Experts in FUE techniques
  • Results guaranteed in one year
  • Medical excellence guaranteed
  • Everything included in your surgery
  • Monitoring for life
  • Easy payment terms

Advantages and price of the services:

Both  companies  offer  highly  advantageous  conditions  at  a  well-below-market price to insured parties of Adeslas.



How to access the hair implant service

To access this service, all you need is an Adeslas Healthcare Assistance policy and to request an appointment with any of the two suppliers.

Once  there  you  must  accredit  yourself  as  an  insured  party  of  Adeslas, presenting your card and your National ID Card. The cost of this service is not  included  in  the  policy  coverage.  Adeslas  shall  not  be  liable  for  said techniques,  rather  the  doctor  or  centre  supplying  the  treatment  shall  be responsible for all services provided.

Other treatments and services

Dermatological treatments with discounts of between 10% and 50%.

Home care for dependent people or those suffering from chronic illnesses

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers the home care service through an agreement reached with Qida, a private social impact company, a leader in quality in the sector.

Types of services included:

  • Carers per hour - Carers several hours per day
    • External home care with experience
    • Part-time flexible care
    • Flexible timetable adapted to needs
  • Internal carers - Day and night-time carers
    • Internal home care with experience
    • During the week or weekend
    • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Functioning of the service:

To make use of the advantages of this service, it is an essential requirement that the person taken care of or first-degree family member is an insured party of SegurCaixa Adeslas.

Contact with Qida throughout the whole of Spain 93 012 95 13 and 91 028 39 66.

Further information: qida.es

Advantages and price of the services:

Qida offers specialised home care with an exclusive discount for insured parties of Adeslas:

  • Home scheme services model: 25% discount in the selection quota and 20% discount in the monthly quota
  • General scheme services model: 25% discount in the selection quota and 10% discount in the total price/hour

Biomechanical walking studies and chiropody insoles

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers the biomechanical chiropody service through an agreement reached with Podoactiva, leading company in the area of chiropody and biomechanics, through its over 100 clinics distributed throughout the whole territory.

Types of services included:

  • Biomechanical walking study (exploration on a stretcher, arch footprint and distribution analysis, filming of walking, running analysis, study of pressure with sensorised insoles and cinematic study).
  • Personalised insoles. Design and manufacture of personalised insoles with exclusive materials.

Functioning of the service:

  1. The insured party directly contacts the Podoactiva centres offered on this website.
  2. It is essential to identify yourself as an insured party of SegurCaixa Adeslas by using your health card.
  3. Podoactiva informs you of the prices and discounts of each service, since you are a preferential customer.
  4. The insured party pays directly at the centre.

Advantages and price of the services:

Podoactiva offers an extensive list of specialised chiropody centres, with an exclusive discount for Adeslas patients of 50% on biomechanical studies and of 10% on insoles.

List of clinics

Find your closest centre here.

COVID-19 test

Now, within the “Adeslas is More” services, Adeslas offers, for the cases not covered by the SegurCaixa Adeslas healthcare policies, the possibility of performing these tests at special prices at a selection of healthcare centres on all its insured parties that have taken out healthcare policies, so that they can learn if they have an active COVID-19 infection or not and/or detect antibodies before undertaking a trip, visiting their family, returning to work or for any other reason.

Further information

Refractive surgery

Refractive surgery, like precision surgery, arises from the application of laser to surgical techniques:

  • No surgical material is used.
  • It is performed with a local anaesthetic and, in most cases, hospital admission is not required.
  • The operation usually lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Without stitches or post-operational pain.
  • Immediate visual recovery.


Special conditions for insured parties of Adeslas

Adeslas has highly advantageous conditions for the treatment of short-sightedness through refractive surgery:

  • A reduced price, well below market price.
  • An extensive healthcare provider list of professionals and agreed centres throughout the whole of Spain.


How to access the Refractive Surgery service

To access this service, you must have been an insured party of Adeslas for at least six months in any of the healthcare products covering hospitalisation.

Adeslas will provide its insured parties with a presentation letter to access the service at the centre or professional chosen from the agreed medical centre.

For further information, please call the 24h Customer Services department on 900 50 50 40.

The cost of this service is not included in the policy coverage. Adeslas is not responsible for the service, rather it is the doctor or centre providing the treatment that is responsible for the service provided.


Because to live healthily, it is not only necessary to take care of your physical health, but now at Adeslas, we also take charge of providing you with psychological care, with a new specialised service, to also offer you comprehensive healthcare coverage.


What is the psychology service?

Initial psychotherapy assessment appointment aimed at establishing a personalised therapeutic plan adapted to the patient’s needs, including a psychotherapy treatment.

What pathologies are assessed and processed? 

  • Psychiatric illnesses:
    • Schizophrenia.
    • Depression.
    • Psychotic disorders.
    • Neurotic disorders.
    • Anxiety disorders.
    • Compulsive obsessive disorders.
    • Personality disorders.
  • Conduct disorders.
  • Disorders due to the abuse of psychotropic substances and addictions.
  • Psychomotor development disorders and autism.
  • Eating disorders: Anorexia and bulimia.
  • Learning disorders.

Is there a qualifying period?

Available from the first day for all insured parties of Adeslas.

How is the service used?

The psychology and psychotherapy service must be prescribed by a specialist in psychiatry.

Cost per session: 24 euros. Unlimited sessions.

The authorisations for this service are managed exclusively at Adeslas’s offices.

Cryo-preservation of umbilical cord stem cells

SegurCaixa Adeslas offers its cryo-preservation service through the agreements reached with the leading companies in the sector: VidaCordBio-CordSevibe

What is it?

The conservation of umbilical cord stem cells serves to repair damage and illnesses that may arise in the future. Umbilical cord stem cells are currently used in the treatment of certain types of cancer and autoimmune diseases.
Their value lies in their ability to be transformed into any type of cell in the human body, so they can be applied directly where the damage is located. Umbilical cord stem cells are extracted after the birth, from the blood remaining from the cord linked to the placenta. On extracting the blood from the umbilical cord shortly after the birth and preparing it at a specialised laboratory, these stem cells may be safely conserved for decades.

How is the service used?

The insured parties must directly contact the aforementioned companies through their information telephone numbers and identify themselves as insured parties of SegurCaixa Adeslas and said companies will be responsible for informing them of the conditions of their services.
To make use of the advantages of this service, it is an essential requirement that the mother-to-be is an insured party of SegurCaixa Adeslas.
We remind the insured parties that, in order to better use this service, it is recommendable that they contact the providing companies at least two months before the expected birth date.


What should you do before the birth?

  • Fill in the application with the company that you have chosen.
  • Inform the gynaecologist of the patient that is interested in this service.
  • Once the extraction kit has been paid for, the patient will receive it at their home and must fill in the documentation required.

During the birth

  • Take the extraction kit to the delivery room and hand it in to the medical staff.
  • Fully fill in the documentation and ensure that the packaging is correct.
  • Call the messaging service, following the instructions, to organise the collection and transportation of the sample to the destination laboratory, in accordance with the chosen company

After the birth

Once at the laboratory, the appropriate analyses will be carried out to determine the viability of the sample.
The results will subsequently be notified to the parents. Only if the cryo-preservation been successful will the service be paid for.


Adeslas includes homeopathic medicine with a list of specialised doctors.

Hence we are making progress with increasingly specialised healthcare services.

What is homeopathy?

The term homeopathy was coined by Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), a German doctor that advocated medicine based on an analogy principle, in which diseases are cured with remedies that cause the same symptoms, but which are administered in infinitesimal doses.

What does it consist of?

Homeopathy can be defined as a form of regulatory therapy through remedies that stimulate and control the body’s tendency to cure itself.

A homeopathic doctor uses medication that acts due to symptomatic similarities with the patient’s medical history, by applying the law of the inverse effect: the medication will act by inverting the toxic actions of substances in their original form, ensuring that they act against the illness.

How is the service used?

  • The insured party only has to present their card.
  • Unlimited sessions.
  • There is no qualifying period.
  • The price established to use the homeopathic service is €30 per appointment.
  • It is paid directly to the homeopath.


Adeslas includes homeopathic medicine with a list of specialised doctors.

Hence we are making progress with increasingly specialised healthcare services.

What is osteopathy?

It is a system of manual medicine which focuses its attention on the existing relationships at anatomical and physiological level between the different corporal structures, which offers comprehensive healthcare, which may include prevention and treatment, focusing on alterations of the locomotor system.

What does it consist of?

It especially focuses on the relationship existing between the structure and functions of the body, seeking to provide stimulation to favour its autoregulation through the body’s own mechanisms. Treatment will always be provided with the osteopath’s hands and seeks, among other things, to improve the blood flow and lymphatic collection in the tissue to be treated.

How is the service used?

  • The insured party only has to present their card.
  • Unlimited sessions.
  • There is no qualifying period.
  • Consult the prices at any of our Adeslas offices.
  • It is paid directly to the osteopath.


Adeslas includes acupuncture with a list of acupuncturists.

Hence we are making progress with increasingly specialised healthcare services.

What is acupuncture?

Traditional or natural medicine with multiple indications, used to relieve pain, improve well-being and to treat acute, chronic and degenerative pathologies.

What does it consist of?

Acupuncture is a complex technology, based on the stimulation of special points of the body, generally through the insertion of needles. Its origins are based in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and it has been used in China for over 2000 years.

How is the service used?

  • The insured party only has to present their card.
  • Unlimited sessions.
  • There is no qualifying period.
  • Consult the prices at any of our Adeslas offices.
  • It is paid directly to the acupuncturist.

Assisted reproduction treatments

Assisted reproduction involves technical and medical treatment aimed at favouring pregnancy in the event of masculine or feminine fertility problems or a combination of both.

Before commencing any treatment, the basic study must be performed with the tests aimed at diagnosing the cause of the sterility.

What does it include?

Access to specialised methods and treatments (ovulation induction, artificial insemination and in vitro fertilisation), with special prices, from a recommended list of specialised centres.
Unlimited sessions.

How is it requested?

  • To access this service, you must have been an insured party of Adeslas for at least six months in any of the healthcare products covering hospitalisation.
  • To make use of this service, it must be requested in person at an Adeslas office.

Adeslas es más


To calculate the price of your insurance policy, please accept the following information

Legal information: Remember that you may discontinue the contract without the need to indicate the motives and without incurring any penalties, during the first 30 calendar days following the date on which the Insurer provides you with the documentation corresponding to your policy.

Basic data protection information:

  • Data controller: SegurCaixa Adeslas, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
  • Purpose and legal capacity: Based on the implementation of precontractual measures in line with your application (signing of the contract), we will process your personal data to provide the insurance simulation and carry out the profiling required to calculate the amount of the premium. Likewise, your contact details will be used to send you the information arising from your request.
  • Conservation: If the policy is not taken out, once ten working days have elapsed since the expiry date of this simulation, the data contained therein will be deleted.
  • Recipients: The data provided will not be transferred to third parties, unless a legal obligation exists or to supply the service.
  • Additional information and exercise of rights: You can consult further information on SegurCaixa Adeslas’s data protection policy and, especially, on how to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and others, by visiting the following web page: Data protection