Health insurance 


Aimed at companies with 5 or more employees, with quality private medical care and with dental coverage.

On taking out this insurance policy, we refund you up to €150 per insured party*

adeslas empresa dental

More than 51,000 professionals and 1.400 centres

Coverage in general medicine, emergencies and hospital admission

Extensive dental coverage

Without copayments or extra costs


  • General medicine, paediatrics, neonatology, childcare and nursing service
  • Emergencies
  • Medical and surgical specialisms
  • All specialisms
  • Preventive medicine
  • Diagnostic means, including those involving high technology
  • Hospitalisation
  • Surgical implants and prostheses
  • Special treatments
  • Cornea and bone marrow transplants
  • Amniocentesis, prenatal tests and everything related to birth
  • Chiropody up to 12 sessions a year
  • Healthcare assistance abroad, up to a limit of €12,000/year.
  • IUD, includes the fitting cost and the device
  • Adeslas Salud y Bienestar


Some medical services require authorisation by Adeslas. Hence, if one of our medical professionals prescribes any medical test for you, you must send us the corresponding prescription so that we can manage your authorisation.

The tests that are subject to medical authorisation are as follows:

  • Hospital admission
  • Medical tests
  • Rehabilitation
  • Clinical psychology

You can obtain your authorisations quickly and comfortably with a photo through your Customer Area. If you prefer, you can also obtain your authorisations from the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App


Without copayments for the use of services. 

Qualifying periods

All services provide immediate access, except those with a certain qualifying period to be able to enjoy their benefits, which may vary between three and eight months. See conditions

Are you a customer? Access your health services

With Adeslas, you will always have a doctor at your disposal and access to all digital health services so that you can manage your health at any time from any place:

  • Healthcare provider list: Search for the nearest doctors and hospitals by specialism, test or treatment and save your favourites.
  • Online appointment: Request your appointment online and consult pending and completed appointments.
  • Digital card: Carry your card as the insured party in your mobile telephone to identify yourself at the medical centre and request a duplicate card, if necessary.
  • Online authorisations: Request your authorisations digitally whenever you need them.
  • Online refunds: Request your refunds from your mobile telephone.
  • Virtual appointments: Raise your medical queries by telephone or video call.
  • Emergency centres: Have your emergency telephone numbers in one click and find your nearest centres.
  • General 24h medical care: Contact a doctor by telephone, chat, email or video-consultation and resolve your general medicine doubts.
  • Paediatric medical advice: Resolve all your doubts regarding your children’s health.
  • Psycho-emotional advice: Learn to manage your emotions and to feel good thanks to the advice of our psychologists.
  • Health profile: Complete a test and discover your healthy life index.
  • Personalised health programmes: Discover the life style plans, family health and care and prevention plans with which you can improve your diet, practice routine sports with a personal trainer, prevent and control diseases and learn about your family health to take care of your loved ones.
  • Access to health contents: paediatric podcast channel, health webinars, computer graphics, medical video tips, blogs and much more.
  • Information on your policy: Consult your policy, payments and receipts.

Access all your health digital services through your Customer Area or from the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App

Dental coverage

Services without any additional cost:

  • Emergencies
  • Scale and polishes
  • X-rays
  • Diagnostic appointments
  • Fluoridation

You can save until 50% in dental treatments

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*Consult the promotion conditions