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 Has a claim arisen at your Home? 

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What is a claim?

A claim is any damage or loss caused by an event that occurs suddenly, accidentally and on an unexpected basis, with consequences set forth in the contract’s coverage. For example, the breakage of glass or a sanitary item as a result of a blow.

On the other hand, damage or breakages that occur due to the continued use and wear and tear as a result of the passage of time are not deemed to be a claim. For example, the chipping of paint over time.

How can I declare a home claim?

Below we explain the steps to follow to declare a claim on your Home insurance policy:


Contact us

If you cannot access your home or you do not have water or electricity, please call us on 900 50 50 40 or on 91 489 43 17.

In any other case, access your Customer Area and select the “Declare claim” option.



Confirm your details and the details of the claim

We will request your name, National ID Card, contact telephone number, policy number, date, time, place of the claim and the most detailed description possible of the circumstances and consequences of the claim.

Furthermore, details related to the affected party (third party) or causer if any: insurance company, policy number, address, town and telephone number.


Photographs or documents attached

Depending on the type of claim, you can attach photographs or documents that help you to detail what has occurred. In the event of theft or acts of vandalism, we will request the complaint filed to the authorities.


Sending of a loss adjuster

We may have to send a loss adjuster, based on the characteristics of the claim.


Confirmation of coverage

Once the damage and coverage have been confirmed, we will repair the damage if it is repairable or pay the amount of the repairs if they can be compensated, always in line with your coverage.


Damage repair

You can arrange an appointment with a professional or find one in which you trust. If you want to repair the damage by your own means, you only have to send us an estimate and photographs. In either case, you do not have to pay any money in advance.

Tips following a claim at your home

Follow these recommendations to reduce the damage caused to your home and facilitate the resolution of the claim.

Take essential measures to minimise their consequences: turn off the gas or electricity or turn off the general water stopcock.

Should you require, you can call the home assistance service by telephone.

Do not make any payments to third parties without having previously consulted the company.

Conserve the items that have been substituted to facilitate the subsequent loss adjuster’s appraisal.

Provide the loss adjuster with as much information as possible, as well as any other details that may be of interest.

In the event of a robbery or hold-up, please file a complaint before the competent authority.

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