A gynaecologist is the medical professional that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female genital organs. 

You can find your gynaecologist or preferential clinic by accessing the Healthcare, and filtering by specialism (gynaecology or obstetrics). If you are an insured party of Adeslas, you can request an appointment directly with your selected gynaecologist or with your nearest centre.    

With your Adeslas Health insurance policy you can consult the details of the coverage of this specialism by clicking on Medical insurance policies.


PLUS Adeslas Ginecología

The supplementary refund scheme in your health insurance that will enable you to access the gynaecologist that you choose, anywhere in the world, whenever you need, with a medical expense refund. This coverage includes:

  • Gynaecological appointment
  • Diagnostic tests, only those performed by a gynaecologist.
  • Most common tests: Amniocentesis, Chorionic Biopsy, Smear Test, Ultrasound Scan, Foetal Monitoring
  • Therapeutic treatments performed by a gynaecologist, for example, the fitting of a coil (coverage includes the cost of the device)
  • Birth preparation.
  • Gynaecological hospitalisation: outpatient, medical and ICU.
  • Gynaecological surgery: includes mastectomy and tubal ligation.
  • Birth/Caesarean: includes midwife care and epidural anaesthetic. Gynaecological tests and therapeutic treatments not performed by the gynaecologist must be conducted through the healthcare policy’s Healthcare Service Provider List to which this product is associated.