Discover all the digital health services available for being an insured party of Adeslas

Servicios médicos online Adeslas

Your doctor with you, wherever you are

Enjoy tailored digital healthcare from your Customer Area.

Video-appointment and tele-appointment

Now you have your medical appointment without leaving your home

  • Find the specialism you need in your healthcare provider list.
  • Filter the results by “video-consultation” to find out the specialists and medical centres that offer this service.
  • Furthermore, a large part of the healthcare provider list offers telephone appointments.
  • Request your appointment and indicate the best method in each case.
consulta médica online Adeslas
Online medical chat:

Do you have doubts regarding any symptom or treatment? Resolve them quickly in the chat.

  • Without an appointment, practical and rapid.
  • Service supported by General Medicine doctors.
  • Timetable from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Chat médico Adeslas
General, paediatric and psycho-emotional medical advice

You have the peace of mind of having general, paediatric and psycho-emotional medical advice services to accompany you and resolve your doubts.

They are virtual appointments to obtain rapid guidance regarding your doubts. Ring 900 50 50 40 from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Orientación médica Adeslas
Private electronic prescription

Receive your medical prescriptions by email. Comfortable, easy and without leaving your home.

  • After the appointment, you will receive a code by email with which you can acquire the medicines at any pharmacy.
  • Eliminate paper, avoid lost prescriptions and minimise interpretation errors of handwritten prescriptions.


Receta electrónica Adeslas

Obtain the already authorised prescriptions of the most frequent diagnostic tests so that you can avoid such step.

Request your “COVID test” authorisation by attaching a photo of the prescription and another of the medical report or prescription of the medical procedure to be performed.


Autorizaciones online

Request a refund for appointments, medical tests, psychotherapy and rehabilitation sessions, hospital admission or other services covered by your policy.


Reembolsos online Adeslas
Adeslas Salud y Bienestar

Your Adeslas digital health centre that accompanies you in the daily care of your health to improve your life style. You will find:

  • Healthcare provider list to search for a centre or doctor close to you and to request an appointment online.
  • Healthy life questionnaire to know your health index.
  • Personalised plans and tips based on your life style to take care of your health and prevent illnesses.


Adeslas Salud y Bienestar
Digital card

Your digital card is available to identify yourself in your medical appointments whenever necessary. Discover how to use it in the following video.

How can you use the digital card more comfortably?

  • Download the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App.
  • Click on the digital card on your home page or within the procedures section menu.
  • When you attend the medical appointment, show your card in your app and scan the QR code that you will be shown at the medical centre.


Tarjeta digital Adeslas

To calculate the price of your insurance policy, please accept the following information

Legal information: Remember that you may discontinue the contract without the need to indicate the motives and without incurring any penalties, during the first 30 calendar days following the date on which the Insurer provides you with the documentation corresponding to your policy.

Basic data protection information:

  • Data controller: SegurCaixa Adeslas, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
  • Purpose and legal capacity: Based on the implementation of precontractual measures in line with your application (signing of the contract), we will process your personal data to provide the insurance simulation and carry out the profiling required to calculate the amount of the premium. Likewise, your contact details will be used to send you the information arising from your request.
  • Conservation: If the policy is not taken out, once ten working days have elapsed since the expiry date of this simulation, the data contained therein will be deleted.
  • Recipients: The data provided will not be transferred to third parties, unless a legal obligation exists or to supply the service.
  • Additional information and exercise of rights: You can consult further information on SegurCaixa Adeslas’s data protection policy and, especially, on how to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and others, by visiting the following web page: Data protection