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Register now and access all MyBox Salud Seniors services

Each insured party must register the first time they enter to obtain their username and password, which will enable them to access the exclusive services of MyBox Salud Seniors.


Access your personal health adviser now

Your personal health adviser will always be at your service to resolve any of your doubts, be they face-to-face or by telephone, and to help you with all procedures and dealings that you must make in the quickest most agile manner possible. 

You can contact your personal health adviser by calling  900 159 009

First visit and individualised action plan

After the initial evaluation of your state of health and of your healthcare needs, you may be provided with the medical assistance you require on an outpatient basis, receive a personalised follow-up plan and coordinate your specialised care needs.

Advisory services and referral to specialists

We will advise you and refer you so that you can receive outpatient diagnostic tests or visit other specialists to receive the best care for your pathology. For referrals, your Personal Health Adviser will issue a prescription indicating the test to be performed and/or the medical specialism, together with the validity period for such referral.

Access to reduced co-payment

Remember that if you benefit from the referral within the validity period facilitated by your Personal Health Adviser through a medical professional included on the General Healthcare Provider List, you will access the main specialisms without co-payments or with a reduced co-payment.

Prevention plans

Your Personal Health Adviser will inform you of all the most adequate prevention programmes and follow-up plans for you and, should you wish, you may register for them to help you to take care of your health.

Download your product guide

Obtain the MyBox Salud Seniors guide, in which you can find information about the coverage and services of your new insurance policy.

Adeslas Salud y Bienestar

This is a programme that will accompany you in your day-to-day life, improving your lifestyle and your health management.

  • Prevention and care plans
  • Self-assessment of your lifestyle and health
  • Life style, nutrition and exercise plans
  • Healthcare blog
  • Consultation library
  • Newsletter with healthy tips
  • Connectivity and measurement of challenges
  • Obtain points and exchange them for gifts

Access the programme

Or download the Adeslas Salud y Bienestar App

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