A paediatrician is the medical professional that specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of childhood diseases and injuries. 

You can find your paediatrician or preferential clinic by accessing the Healthcare, and filtering by specialism (paediatrician, paediatric surgery and childcare). If you are an insured party of Adeslas, you can request an appointment directly with your selected paediatrician or with your nearest centre.  

According to your Adeslas Heath insurance policy, you can consult the details of the coverage of this specialism in the general terms and conditions of your policy available in your private area. This coverage comprises:

  • Primary Care: for children under 14.
  • Preventive Medicine: includes preventive controls and child development


PLUS Adeslas Gonecología y Pediatría

The supplementary product of your health insurance that will enable you to access the paediatrician that you choose, anywhere in the world, whenever you need, with a refund of medical expenses. This coverage includes:

  • Paediatric appointments:
  • Administration of vaccine (does not include the cost of the vaccine).
  • Hospital Care for the newborn.