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On taking out your health insurance policy now with dental coverage,

We will refund you up to €75*



* We will refund you up to €75 per insured party on taking out a health insurance policy including dental coverage. Consult the promotion conditions here

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At Adeslas, we accompany you always. Wherever you are, whenever you need us

Our commitment is to take care of you and of those that you love the most. With Adeslas PLENA TOTAL, you and your loved ones would access the advantages of a health insurance policy without copayments and with dental coverage over three years. Furthermore, you can now benefit from a unique promotion:

On taking out your health insurance policy with dental coverage now,

we will refund you up to €75*

Receive €75 per insured party by taking out Adeslas PLENA TOTAL or €50 per insured party by taking out a health insurance policy with dental coverage from those included in the promotion.


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*We will refund you up to €75 per insured party on taking out health insurance including dental coverage. Consult the promotion conditions here

Furthermore, with your health insurance you will have:

Digital health services

  • Medical guidance chat
  • Video-appointment or tele-appointment with your Adeslas doctor
  • Private electronic prescription
  • New digital card

Adeslas Salud y Bienestar

The digital health centre at which you can take care of and manage your health and that of your family, at any time and from any place.

However you are, there is a health insurance policy for you



3 years’ total coverage in health and dental insurance at the same price and without copayments. With a free annual medical check-up , travel assistance broad and refunds of expenses.


Extensive medical coverage and different levels of prices and copayments


Extensive coverage and a wide network of medical health advisers at your disposal


Services without any additional cost at over 185 Adeslas dental clinics and 1,600 odontologists


Access and manage your health from your smartphone from any place

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To calculate the price of your insurance policy, please accept the following information

Legal information: Remember that you may discontinue the contract without the need to indicate the motives and without incurring any penalties, during the first 30 calendar days following the date on which the Insurer provides you with the documentation corresponding to your policy.

Basic data protection information:

  • Data controller: SegurCaixa Adeslas, S.A. de Seguros y Reaseguros.
  • Purpose and legal capacity: Based on the implementation of precontractual measures in line with your application (signing of the contract), we will process your personal data to provide the insurance simulation and carry out the profiling required to calculate the amount of the premium. Likewise, your contact details will be used to send you the information arising from your request.
  • Conservation: If the policy is not taken out, once ten working days have elapsed since the expiry date of this simulation, the data contained therein will be deleted.
  • Recipients: The data provided will not be transferred to third parties, unless a legal obligation exists or to supply the service.
  • Additional information and exercise of rights: You can consult further information on SegurCaixa Adeslas’s data protection policy and, especially, on how to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and others, by visiting the following web page: Data protection